30th Peaks to Portland Sets Records Due to Good Weather; 100 More Register This Year Than Last Year


Hildy Ginsberg, executive director, Cumberland County YMCA.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 836)

Because of the good weather conditions, including a strong tide, records were set here for the first time in years said race officials following the 30th annual Peaks to Portland swim race to benefit the Cumberland County YMCA, 70 Forest Avenue.

Following the award ceremony, which mhn.com missed, Hildy Ginsberg, executive director of the YMCA said that this year one hundred more people than last year swam.  313 actually swam the race while 323 registered to swim.  Figures were not conclusive yet, but the YMCA expects to make more than $45,000 for their financial assistance program. 

One women from Vermont who swam  said she thought the speeds were faster than last year because “people are coming from all over.  It is a much more competitive race than it used to be.  More people are swimming and this is a good race.”

HealthSource donated massages to swimmers requesting them following the race to help aleviate aches and pains.  Please see www.healthsourceofportland.com for more information.