Peaks Island Council Receptive To Exploring Wind Energy Feasibility On Island, Despite Challenges


By Carol McCracken

Sam Saltonstall received all that he could get following his presentation at a workshop of the Peaks Island Council last night on wind power. What he got was a pledge that at PIC’s next meeting it will officially support “PEAT” in its effort to explore the feasibility of wind power on Peaks Island. As Saltonstall pointed out, there are many obstacles to overcome before wind power can become reality on Peaks Island.

Saltonstall emphasized there must be broad island support from both winter and summer people to make such a venture successful. He cited other challenges to the project such as zoning changes, procuring a loan tower from Unity College, and whether there is enough wind on the Island to make it worth while to name a few. lSaltonstall told the PIC, District I City Councilor Kevin Donoghue and Mike Murray, who attended the workshop that a suitable site for a meteorological tower might be the Trott-Littlejohn Park. Council member Lynn Richard said she would support the use of the area for this use.

Saltonstall said that events are being planned around this effort in the coming months. The first one comes Tuesday, February 17th at 6:00 p.m. at the MacVane Community Center. There will be a slide show by Mick Wormersley, Ass. Professor at Unity College. There he runs the wind tower loan program for Unity. DOES PEAKS WANT A METEROLOGICAL TOWER ON LOAN FOR A YEAR FOR A TOTAL VALUE OF $35,000? is the title of his presentation. Please call Sam Saltonstall on Peaks Island at 899-0922 for more details.

It was also announced that the PIC will be meeting with the Portland City Council on Wednesday, February 18th at 5:45 p.m. for an hour. This meeting is part of a periodic joint session between the two bodies agreed upon to increase communication between them.