Park vs Development Issue Resurfacing for Fort Gorges


Fort Gorges on a Recent Gorgeous Day in Portland from Fort Allen Park, Eastern Promenade.

The way too long-neglected Fort Gorges, off Munjoy Hill, has been under the careful stewardship of Friends of Fort Gorges, founded by actor Paul Drinan, for the last several years.  The mission of the non-profit is to “restore Fort Gorges making it safe and keep it accessible to future generations.  We believe in its historical significance as well as its educational and cultural potential.”  But that mission is now “threatened” according to a press release from the non-profit.

That’s because an unidentified developer sees  commercial development possibilities for Fort Gorges as well. A developer’s representative has talked to city hall officials about converting the historic fort into a “restaurant, B&B and brewpub” according to the same press release. .Apparently, the talks, etc.  are not public information yet, but some at city hall do know about it and are talking about it.

The Portland Park Conservancy is hosting a meeting on Fort Gorges on Wednesday, September 4, 5:30 pm at East End Community School, 195 North Street, on Munjoy HIll.  At this meeting you may be able to learn more about the talks with city hall officials about possible commercial development of Fort Gorges and what you can do about it,

Nan Cummings is the executive director of the Portland Park Conservancy,formed last year.  Formerly, she was the executive director of Portland Trails.

Please go to Facebook Event Page for more information and contact Friends of Fort Gorges at:  info@friendsof fortgorges if you want to “go on the record.”