Domestic Terrorism Critics Call for Action at Portland Rally Today


Deb With Her Husband Major General Jonathan Treacy, (Ret.) at the Gun Control Rally Late Today.  The are Now Retired in Maine.

Students from Cape Elizabeth High School Showed up! Helen Strout, 16, is  Holding the Orange Sign in Front.

This Sign is Flexible Because She can Pull A Tab Out and Replace it With Another One!

Judy and Wayne Richards at Todays Rally.

Signs at the Rally Say it All!

“She doesn’t seem to be leaning forward on this issue,” said Major General Jonathan Treacy, (Ret.) when asked where he thought Senator Susan Collins (D) stood on domestic terrorism this afternoon at a rally on the steps of city hall. “I question where our delegation is on this issue.”

The Rally was called to denounce this new wave of domestic terrorism, spurned by a radical online network of white supremacists and given implied approval from the President of the US according to a press release on the Rally.

Major General Treacy told the crowd on the steps of city hall that “we have very few effective tools going forward.  Terrorist are very patient and will wait you out – looking for a soft target.” He said as a former fighter pilot he knows that “speed is life…’s encouraging to see such a diverse crowd here today at city hall….how much will people give up for the protection of our people?…New York City just passed a red flag law…” Treacy flew F-15s and was in the military for 34 years in an anti-terrorism capacity for much of it.

Many in the small crowd had been seriously impacted by the lack of gun laws in the state of Maine.  Among them were Judy and Richard Richardson,  Their daughter Darien, 25, in January of 2010, survived  gunshots in her apartment for 50 days before succumbing to her several wounds.  The crime remains unsolved.

Geoffrey Bickford, executive director of the Maine Gun Safety Coalition said we are here today to raise awareness about domestic terrorism.  “Most would agree that the president’s language is problematic,” he said.

Students from Cape Elizabeth High School came to the anti-domestic terrorism Rally as well.  “We are here because we know what is happening and we believe we have the power to do something about it..  We can stand together and educate our friends and strangers about domestic terrorism,” said Helen Strout, 16, a junior at Cape Elizabeth High School.

The Rally was organized by Diane Russell.