Old Port Marine Artist Rejecting Trump’s Influence May Be Canada Bound


Painter George Andersonm 91,  at Work at his Studio Behind His Gallery at 340 Fore Street., in the Old Port of Portland.  This Clam Digger Painting Requires About Ten More Hours of Work the Delightful Anderson, 91, Said This Afternoon.

An Unexpected Stop for This Cruise Ship in Portland Harbor Diverted its Route to Avoid Hurricane Fiona on Her Way up to Nova Scotia from Puerto Rico.

The Marine Life is a Life-Long Passion of George Anderson as Demonstrated in his “George Anderson Art Gallery” in the Old Port of Portland.

One of the Marine Paintings for Sale at the George Anderson Art Gallery in the Old Port of Portland.

“We are so close to moving back to Canada.  Trump is the problem,” said long-time Boothby Square marine artist George Anderson, 91, at his Studio this afternoon, at 340 Fore Street. His Studio is located in the back of his popular Art Gallery in the Old Port of Portland.

The streets of the Old Port were clogged with people – many of them passengers who had disembarked from a giant cruise ship that came to Portland Harbor today seeking refuge from Fiona, the hurricane headed  to Nova Scotia from Puerto Rico. Some of them stopped in at the George Anderson Gallery of Fine Art as they swarmed into the Old Port and its  unique shops – a welcome sight for shop owners who have been hurt by inflation and other issues.

Anderson grew up in Montreal, Canada.  His family spent summers in Old Orchard, Maine, where each of his three siblings owned their own sailboat  from the age of 16 years on he said this afternoon at his Boothby Square studio.

His recently deceased brother Jack was a boat builder in Montreal. Back in the 80s, Anderson and his wife Jean sold their successful advertising business to BBD – it became Anderson BBD. The Anderson company was a medical advertising company that back in the day was a new idea – contributing to its success.  Jean was a flight attendant for Northeast Airlines for four years.  She also worked for four years as a statisticion during its merger with Delta Airlines. The couple moved to Exeter, New Hampshire so their three childen could attend Phillips Exeter Academy.

Around that time, Jean suggesed that he pursue his long-time interest in marine painting.  Mostly a self-taught artist, George did take some classes at the University of New Hampshire.  He converted a farm in Stratham, New Hampshire where he and Jean had begun a successful antique business, into an art studio.  “I never sold a painting for the first ten years,” he acknowledged.  “But I didn’t get discouraged,” said this delightful and unpretentious senior citizen.

Since those initial years, he has painted and sold thousands of paintings of fishermen and sailboats.  He has been at his current Fore Street Art Gallery location for the past 20 years.

The couple lives at the gated  Chandler’s Wharf on the Portland waterfront.  It provides its own boat moorings to residents wanting that amenity.   However,  he no longer has a sailboat because “I would fall overboard,” he said, punctuated by his signature hearty laugh.

“This was a great country.  My family and I enjoyed the life here. But things are changing.  My kids are very successful.  But they will return to Canada.  This country is so divided. Some people are absolutely crazy.  I don’t want my grandchildren growing up in this culture. I feel bad for some people who can’t leave the country like we can,” said a generous George Anderson, 91 years old and very young at heart.

The George Anderson Art Gallery is open most days from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm.  Please visit www.rockportartist.com for more.