OccupyMaine Given New Deadline by City; Clean-up by Tomorrow Noon


Blanket Covered Fence That Caused Complaints to City Hall This Week.

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,057)

The city acknowledged this afternoon that it has received complaints from people concerned about the mess at Lincoln Park created by the OccupyMaine campers; about six complaints have come to the city this week.

Ted Musgrave, special activities coordinator, for the recreation division, emailed John Branson, attorney for the group, that the accumulated debris and blankets on the fence must be cleaned up by tomorrow noon, Friday. He did not say what the consequences might be. Musgrave went on to say that he’d heard in a “news clip” that there was only one occupant remaining in Lincoln Park. He asked that all of the unoccupied structures be removed by tomorrow noon as well. Deseree Tanguay, an occupier since October 3, said: “I can’t imagine where he got that number 1 from. There are easily 25 campers still in the Park.” Tanguay works in the Meg Perry Center office for OccupyMaine.

However, what has largely been overlooked by the media is a “Clothing Drive & Encampment Revitalization” scheduled by OccupyMaine for Saturday, January 7th and Sunday, January 8th. “The two-day clean-up will include a donation and clothing/blanket drive to area charities as donations are down all over the city,” said the press release.

The clean-up begins at Lincoln Park at 9 am on Saurday and Sunday and will run until sunset. Volunteers are welcome to help out as they can throughout the day with our list of action items, including leaf removal, trash removal, re-securing tents, organizing and re-purposing large tent spaces for activism work. Potluck items or warm beverages will be welcomed.

Meanwhile, the city has not responded to the lawsuit filed by OccupyMaine against the it for denying is First Amendments rights. The city has until Monday, January 9th, to file its response. The city has hired Mark Dunlap of the law firm of Norman, Hanson & DeTroy to represent it in the lawsuit. The firm has not yet filed an appearance in the case on behalf of the city.

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