Munjoy Hill’s Rental Car Arrives Tomorrow


By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,056)

Beginning tomorrow, Friday, UCar Rental Car will place a rental car, a Toyota, Scion XB on Congress Street between St. Lawrence Street and Atlantic Street on the Hill.

Last November 21st, the city council approved the request of the Public Services Department to make this addition to the already existing fleet of UCars in Portland. There are two vehicles on Elm Street near the library and the busline; one of which is now a pickup truck. One of the two originally located on Commercial Street near Casco Bay Lines has since been relocated to 645 Congress Street near Park Street.

Participants gain access with membership cards. Once an account is set up, members may reserve a car online or over the telephone.

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Please visit Pos # 1,026, dated 11/22/11 for more background information.