Occupiers Clean up Lincoln Park Today While Others Perform at New Hampshire Primary; Led by Two Focused Women With Different Approaches


Carol McCracken (Post # 1,059)

The sun was getting low in the sky and the temperature was dipping in this most unusual of winters so far. But Jennifer Rose organizer of the weekend clean-up at Lincoln Park was unaware of the changing weather around her. Without jacket, gloves or a hat, Jen was quietly putting finishing touches on the two day cleanup she’d organized about a week ago at the Park; this before the city had given the occupiers a deadline of last Friday noon to clean the place up.

As she was cutting a red piece of tent from what had once been the camp’s medical tent, she tried to rationalize how anyone could complain about the donated blankets that had hung over the fence bordering the Park and Franklin Street. That was what precipitated the complaints that led to the city’s crackdown. It was part of a charity event occupiers were working on and it was posted on the groups’ website well in advance of the event. The red strip Jen was snipping from the former medical tent was to be used as a curtain for a performing stage she had created inside one of remaining tents. “We have a group of performers in Manchester. I’d love to have them give the same show back here.” The camera shy Jen who lives off site mostly, is studying for her Master’s Degree in special education and is an area substitute teacher.

Directing the theater group scheduled to perform a political parody at the New Hampshire primary this morning, is Rachel Lyn Rumson. With a natural flair for the dramatic and not camera shy, Rachel directed the numerous rehearsals at the Meg Perry Center of “Power and the Puppet.” It’s a clever satire on US Presidents in recent history written by occupier Evan McVeigh. Starting from scratch with a script that needed editing and with no props, Rachel patiently turned the script into a meaningful production to be presented in Manchester during the presidential primary. Rachel has her Master’s in Industrial Psychology and teaches at nearby Kaplin University.

Jen and Rachel are different but there is no doubt they are committed to OM’s message against corporate greed in America. They compliment each other in that work on behalf of OccupyMaine.

Please see Post # 1,057, dated January 5th, herein, for more background information.