Changes in the Old Port Reported by “Mr. Mole”


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,553)

“We are not closing the store.  We are consolidating with the Brunswick store,” said the manager of Wyler’s, 92 Exchange Street, yesterday afternoon.  However, the store will be closing on Thursday, November 7th he added.  Yesterday was the start of a 35% off sale which concludes on Thursday with its closing. It sells clothing, gifts  right down the line to greetings cards. The news came as a surprise to many.  “What a strange time of the year to  close.  The holidays are the busiest shopping days of the year,” said the wise Mr. Mole.  Moles with their unbecoming snouts are

The Mole Knows...!

The Mole Knows…!

well-known for using them to tunnel around under ground and find dirty tidbits. People often object to moles, but they can be hard or even impossible to eradicate.

Marilyn and Jerry Andress bought Kennedy Studios, 42 Exchange Street 13 years ago. An institution on Exchange Street, the business is 25 years old, said Andress. However, the couple has decided to retire as soon as their landlord can find a new tenant.  “I think the recession hit them hard as well,” said Mr. Mole.  Also on the way out is the attractive Mornings in Paris coffee shop, 13 Exchange Street.  The businesses landlord Joe Soley hiked up the rent so high, the owner decided to close down, according to an employee yesterday afternoon. The last day for business is November 17th at this popular coffeehouse.   “Don’t quote me on this, but I think Joe wanted about a $1,000. or more a month increase from the business.  Who can blame them?” asked Mr. Mole.  Soley has a solid track record of butting heads with tenants and the city for code violations.

“It’s not all bad news though.  There is some good news here also,” said Mr. Mole as he took a moment to clear some nastiness from his snout with a dirty hanky he took from his backpack.  “EarthBound is opening a store here sometime soon,” he said.  The sign on the door says the Texas-based company will be running a hiring fair at 22 Exchange Street on November 6th and 7th from 11 am – 6 pm.  One last positive note is that Ethan Allen, the furniture giant is opening a truncated store at 145 Commercial Street on Wednesday, November 6th.  “There will be a selection of furniture as well as home accents designed to appeal to the impulsive buyer,” said Mr. Mole, as he tunneled back under ground somewhere in the Old Port until his next report becomes available.

Do Moles go south in the winter?