Noodle Restaurant Opening on Munjoy Hill Saturday Evening


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,317)

Suzuki, a noodle bar, is planning a softopening this Saturday, June 13th.  It’s located at 229 Congress Street near the bottom of Munjoy Hill. The restaurant’s owner, Kei Suzuki, wants to open slowly and gradually produce a full-service restaurant.

For the month of June, the restaurant will serve dinner exclusively.  Starting in July, however, Suzuki will serve lunch between noon – 3:00 pm. Take-out will be available in July as well. Suzuki  will be open Tuesday – Saturday.

The menu includes Hot Shoyu Ramen, Miso Ramen, Hakata-style Ramen, Vegan Miso Ramen, Cold Noodle Salad and Mason Jar Noodles.  There is also Chicken Don, Salmon Don and Vegetarian Curry Don.  Local vegtetables are used in the preparation of these and other menu items.

Formerly, Mr Suzuki was a producer for a Fuji-TV Network in New York City, based in Japan.  Cooking has always been a hobby of his.


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