New Trees to be Planted in Bayside Neighborhood Starting This Month


One hundred and fifty trees are slated to be planted in the Bayside neighborhood starting this month under the Bayside Tree Planting Project, (BTPP) and continuing into the fall.  The project announced by the city yesterday focuses on streets with insufficient tree canopy cover.  Also considered in the selection is whether or not the street has enough space for a tree well while maintaining ADA accessible sidewalks, prioritization of residential streets over commercial, proximity to overhead and underground utilities, and anticipated street, sidewalak or development projects that may disrupt the newly planted trees in the near future.

Work is starting this month with planting of 20 trees in Bayside.  Residents will notice that over the course of June and into early fall, the city’s contracator, Nelson Property Services, will be seen preparing tree wells, patching sidewalks and planting these much-anticipated trees throughout Bayside.

Nineteen different kinds of trees are to be used in this project.  The city has hired a new Arborist Mark Reiland who replaced the retired Jeff Tarling.  His salary has not yet been made public.  He was hired in August of 2023 at a salary of $81,451,76. annually.

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