Neighbors of Shipyard Brewing Disappointed in Redevelopment Plans


Jessica and David Somebody Near Shipyard Brewing Co. Yesterday.

A Rendering of the Proposed Beer Hotel from the Architect, Proposed by Fred Forsley and Bateman Partners.

Neighbors of Shipyard Brewing Co., on Newbury Street on the east end of Portland, were not shy about expressing their disappointment about the plans to build a 105-room beer hotel in their community.  While some were disappointed, they were not surprised, given the prime 2 acres of land overlooking Portland Harbor.  It was just a matter of time before this happened according to several.

“Affordable housing in Portland is a critical issue and the development of the downtown area is being developed irresponsibly,” said Jessica Somebody yesterday afternoon.  “It’s almost the norm here with all the construction going on in the area.  It’s seems strange for them to add another hotel in an already saturated market,” said Caelin Logan.

“I think it’s a dumb idea because there are so many other hotels and condos here,” said Star Ortiz.  “I don’t look forward to the construction.  Our street, Newbury Street, will be a mess for a long time to come,” she said.   “The growth does feel fast and I’m wondering how much planning is going into it – it’s so rapid,” Holly Hunt told this blogger yesterday.  The architectural considerations are extremely important to the quality of life,”  said Hunt.  She owns Studio 72, at 72 India Street. a Yoga Studio.

“I live on the fourth floor of North School and I don’t want my view blocked,” said Candy Brown who was also on Fore Street enjoying the sunny,  80+ degree day.

“I think that Portland is building a lot of what it doesn’t need.  They are building lots of boxey condos,” said Tom Coveny who was walking along Fore Street with his wife, Diane.  They are former Hill residents recently moved out of Portland to Brunswick.