Nation Watches as Jury Votes on Fourth Indictment Against Trump This Evening


Inside the Atlanta Courtroom that is in the Process of Votig Whether or not to Indict Donald Trump, Jr. and Possibly Naming Other Defendants in the Case.  This Photo was Releasedd Around 8:45 pm This Evening.

Another Rainy Day for Donald J. Trump?

In an unanticipated move, the jury in the election interference case against  Donald J. Trump is reported to bei voting on whether or not to indict the former president of the United States.  Several witnesses who were expected to testify tomorrow were called in to the Atlanta courtroom today – thus speeding up the grand jury process.  The jury consists of 23 members.  Georgia law requires that 16 must be present for the entire jury process.

It is a low bar to indict Trump because only “probably cause” is needed.

State courts such at Georgia do permit camers in the courtroom, unlike federal courtrooms.

If indicted and convicted under  RICCO, a mandatdory miniumum sentence of 5 years is required.  It can be served in confinement or on probation – a decision made by the Judge.  Or he may split up the sentence according to cable news experts.  The maximum sentence is twenty years.