Nan Cummings Selected Executive Director of the Portland Parks Conservancy


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Nan Cummings, of Munjoy Hill, has been named to serve as the first executive director of the Portland Parks Conservancy.  The Conservancy was launched by Elliotsville Plantation Inc. in early 2018 to help support the numerous parks, trails, open spaces, programs and recreational facilities of the city of Portland for public benefit, in order to enhance the quality of life, protect the environment and promote the economic well-being of Portland.

The Conservancy is an independent Maine non-profit corporation.

Nan Cummings served as the Executive Director of Portland Trails from 1999 to 2011, working in partnership with the city of Portland on numerous trail and land conservation projects.  She has a BA in History and Art History from Kalamazoo College and an MA in American and New England Studies from USM, Portland.

“The Conservancy seeks to raise funds in support of Portland’s parks and recreational programs.  It will work with the city and other entities to both improve the parks programs the city already has and to raise money for new parks or programs,” according to an email from Andrew Magoun, president of the board of directors for the Conservancy.