Munjoy Hill Fire Station Brings Christmas Cheer to Family Needing Some

Adam Royer, Elf-in-Chief, at the Munjoy Hill Fire Station, Stands in Front of Many of the Wrapped Packages for the “Adopt a Family” Program at the Firestation.

The third annual “Adopt a Family” program happened this afternoon when firefighters at the Munjoy Hill Fire Station loaded up the back of an ambulance with a huge pile of gifts for a Hill family needing some cheer this year. The tradition was begun three years ago by Brandon Farley and Mark Tweedy who were partners at the Hill station. Tweedy’s mother was part of a similar program in Michigan and that is where the idea originated.

The firefighter Adam Royer took up the reigns this year and organized the event. Royer said that the recepient is a family with five children and a mom and dad. The children range in age from 17 years old to a one-year old. The father works two jobs to try and keep up with the bills. This family is going through tough times this year, said Janine Kasserman, of the Community Policy Center, who recommended the family for the “Adopt a Family” program this year.

The pile of gifts above were mostly from small donations from people in the neighborhood and a financial donation of $700. from businesses on the HIll and in downtown Portland. Kati Wallace, of the restaurant “Blue Spoon” was the major source of the gifts donated from the Hill.

The Fire Station on Christmas Eve Following the Delivery of the Gifts to a Family on the Hill.

“We are so pleased to give some Christmas cheer to a family who needs some cheer this year. We hope that in the next few years other stations will join us in this endeavor,” said Adam Royer, elf-in-chief this year. He has young children and can’t imagine not being able to provide them gifts for Christmas.

In a surprise revelation, Janine Kasserman, of the Community Policing Office, blurted out that she thought the ambulance was going over to Munjoy South.

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Firefighters John Brady and Chris Cole Fill the Back of an Ambulance with Gifts for a Family on Munjoy Hill.