Changes on the Portland Waterfront


Designers Circus Has to be Out of the Space by November 30, 2018.

The Thomas Laighton is a “party boat” that holds 300 passengers  whose home port is Portsmouth, NH. is Another Ship That Would Have Required the new Travelift.

One of the Numerous Large Power Boats in the Portland Shipyard.

The Aucocisco at Portland Ship Yard, 100 Commercial Street.   This Ferry is One of Four Ferries on the Casco Bay Lines.

A Chic Holiday Outfit for Sale Today at Designers ‘Circus.

This weekend was the last Portland pop-up sale for the Boston-based Designers Circus at 58 Fore Street on Munjoy Hill.  The popular high-end women’s clothing store lost its lease recently and needs to be out of that location by November 30, 2018.  Over its almost twenty (20) years at that location, it has been situated in four different spaces according to an employee.

Because the Circus was on a month-to-month lease they were given 30 days to move out.  Now, the task of finding a new location in the area is underway.

Apparently permits to begin the demolishment of properties at Portland Foreside have been obtained.  Demolishment could start soon.  If you have suggestions on relocation possibilities,  please contact the Circus at:

At 100 West Commercial Street, the wealthy Phin Sprague, Jr.’s new 300 metric travelift is paying dividends as anticipated.  Last July, Portland Yacht Services purchased and installed one of the largest travelift’s in the state.  The overall cost exceeded $3 million Sprague said.  (Sprague voted for Trump as he did also for LePage).

It was always one of his goals to service the ferry boats from Casco Bay Lines at the other end of Commercial Street.  The appearance of one of the ferry boats, Aucocisco, in the now Ship Yard signals that his goal has been accomplished.  The below ferry was formerly serviced at the Front Street Shipyard, Belfast.

The Portland Ship Yard was full of other large size power boats – from as far away as Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Formerly, “PYS” was located at 58 Fore Street on almost ten acres of valuable waterfront property.  However, Sprague was prevented from expanding as he wanted to do.  So he sold the property to CPB2LLC:  Jim Brady, Casey Prentis and Kevin Costello.  Since then Jim Brady has sold his share and is no longer a partner.  It is believed that the remaining partners are preparing to demolish some of the old buildings in order to develop the property as stated above.  There will be a state-of-the-art marina there and work on the docks began very recently.

For more background information on the Travelift, please read posts herein dated July 30 and July 31, 2018.