Moody No Show on Women’s Economic Issues; Mills “Battle Tested”


AG Janet Mills Has Vowed to Implement and Protect Medicaid if Elected Governor of Maine This Next Month.

Former Governor Joe Brennan (D) on One of  His Frequent Walks on the Eastern Promenade;  He Enthusiastically  Endorsed AG Janet Mills for Governor.

What was to have been a four member forum on women’s economic issues for the current gubernatorial race turned out to have only three members;  that’s because Shawn Moody, the handpicked candidate of the unpopular Governor Paul LePage, was a no show this evening.  Moody, a wealthy businessman, has earned a reputation for not showing up at forums centered on difficult issues he’d prefer not to address.  The opiod crisis for one.

Most are well aware of AG Janet Mills extensive resume – before she was the State’s AG as well as currently.   Her resume is so extensive it could never be condensed in a Reader’s Digest like format  – nor should it be. But it’s clear from the last few years of standing up to Governor Paul LePage, she’s “battle tested.”  That’s a really important fact to know.  This gracious women won’t cave under pressure!

Alan Caron had a rough, tough childhood growing up poor in Waterville. He must have struggled mightly to overcome it all. He stood up to it – some of it in courageous ways few would.  He’s to be commended for having done that.  But that does not automatically qualify him to be Governor.  He has ideas. We all do.  But knowing how to implement them in a sometimes war zone in Augusta requires a new skill set.  There is no time for learning on the job.

Hearing Terry Hayes, the Independent candidate, for the first time was an informative experience.  Tonight’s debate was an opportunity to listen and get specifics rather than relying on her tv ads that didn’t tell me enough about her.  She informed me tonight after the forum at Hannaford Hall, USM,  that she won’t be airing those television ads anymore. She has run out of money.  “They are expensive,” she said.  “A thirty second ad doesn’t begin to describe who I am.”

Is No Show Shawn Moody “battle tested?”

There is a long list of event sponsors including:  Maine Women’s Fund, Maine Women’s Policy Center, League of Women Voters of Maine, University of Southern Maine Women and Gender Studies, Maine Center for Economic Policy, Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, etc.   Eliza Townsend, of Maine Women’s Policy Center gave welcoming remarks and  introduced Ann Schink, CVA, who  was the moderator.  Thank you all for sponsoring this forum.