“MFAL” Responds to Trump’s Proposed New Budget

Signs Seen Recently in Portland

“He’s just not worth it,” were the words of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, referring to her lack of support for impeaching Trump, overshadowed the release of the Trump budget today by many. However, not by everyone. Following is a statement released today by Mainers for Accountable Leadership:

A Sign at a Rally Recently at Lobstermen’s Park That Reflects a Popular View.

“The Trump budget proposal would support endless intervention overseas on the back of the domestic needs of the American people. It is up to Democrats and those reasonable Republicans that remain to write a budget supporting foreign policy restraints and the need Mainers and the American people have for health care, education, fighting the effects of climate change, an end to prejudice and sensible, prison practices.

“The Trump budget should be consigned to the dumpster,” wrote Gordon Adams, Co-director, Mainers for Accountable Leadership PAC and a former Associate Director for National Security and International Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, Clinton White House from 1993 – 1997.

Democrats have already declared it “DOA.” The cuts would hurt health programs for the poor, elderly and disabled to pay in part for his increased request to build his wall – something that most voters don’t support.