Mercy Hospital Files a ‘General Application Document’ for Phase 2 of Expansion


Mercy Hospital on State Street.

Mercy Hospital has filed a General Application Document with the city’s planning department at city hall.  Called “Phase 2”, the Hospital expansion is planned for the Fore River development site with construction to begin early in 2020, pending city site plan approval and building permits.  Construction completion is expected for 2022. The current development plan includes the following uses:

First, the expansion from the State Street hospital will include all hospital functions to the Fore River Campus.  The expansion will occur on the north end of the existing hospital over an area currently used for surface parking containing 105 parking spaces for staff only.   The expansion will include Emergency Room services, thus a new parking area with 19 spaces designated for emergency room patient and visitors will be provided to the north side of the expansion.  SMRT Architects is responsible for the building expansion design and ASC design and they have prepared floor plans, building elevations and various renderings depicting the proposed architecture for these buildings;

Second, the front entry drive past the existing main Hospital entrance will be extended between the existing Hospital, proposed and the existing Medical office thus connecting the front of the Hospital to the parking lot to the north side of the MOB.  ‘This one-way drive will provide access to the expansion and the MOB;

Third, a 34,987 SF Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) will be established within the former travel pit area that will be partially filled.  These are the highlights of the document filed with the city of Portland.