Memorial Invitational Road Race: Today


Some of the Runners in the First Annual Memorial Invitational Road Race

By Carol McCracken (Post # 618)

This afternoon almost fifty friends and Unum co-workers of the late Mike McKenna and Mark Thibeault ran 4 miles in their memory along the Eastern Promenade round-trip. The two died of cancer within five days of each other in December of 2007. The race began near the Ocean Gateway and went as far as the Loring Memorial Park and then returned to the starting point near the Ocean Gateway. Both of their widows attended todays race which was the first annual Memorial Invitational Road Race.

Scott Dakers organized the event, but because he was a runner as well spoke instead to Pete Lyons, a timer for the race. Lyons said that McKenna who used to live on the Eastern Promenade on the Hill was also a marathon runner at Boston College. In 1982, he qualified to run in the Boston Marathon which he ran in 1983. He qualified for the Boston Marathon by 10 seconds, said Lyons.

Donations from the runners in todays Memorial Invitational Road Race will be donated to the Center for Grieiving Children and the Cancer Community Center in their memory.