Meet Your Neighbor: Curtis Robinson, Editor, Of The NEW “Portland Daily Sun”


By Carol McCracken

The “Portland Daily Sun” is about to become the areas latest free newspaper. It’s expected to make its debut on local news stands in about three weeks and online before that, said Curtis Robinson, editor, of the paper, in a telephone interview yesterday from his apartament on the Hill.

Free daily newspapers are successful sources of news these days and so it’s expected that this free daily will be successful as well. The paper will be covering local as well as national and international news. It will be published daily from Tuesday through Saturday. The initial printing will be 5,000 copies with the numbers to grow in time. The publisher intends to start small with growth coming gradually. “It takes a special attitude to start-up a newspaper,” said Robinson. “It takes a lot of patience and a thick skin.”

Robinson has been in the newspaper business all of his life. He expects to have a staff of two reporters who have not yet arrived on the scene. One is Casey Conley, who is originally from the Portland area. The other is David Karhoff. (sp?)

Robinson speaks respectfully of the other newspapers in the area. “The Portland Forecaster” does a really good job at delivering the local news. He understands that there is a lot of loyalty to the area newspapers. “We are going to do well here though. Dailies build relationships with readers that weeklies can’t match,” said Robinson.