Meet The Spirit of Halloween: Allison Carey, Hill Resident



By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,249)

Ghost Girls, Wicked Witch of the West, Jumping Spider, and the Harvester. They are all there and many more – at the “Spirit of Halloween store.  Last minute shoppers with small children to dress up were crowding the store.  And at this late hour in the day, some were having difficulty finding the right sizes or colors.  Others were there just to browse at the spooky figures that jumped out at  them when they walked past or made awkward noises.

“I love Halloween said,” Mike Pearson, manager of the store this afternoon.  “We have people who spend thousands of dollars every year.  It’s like Christmas.  People go all out.  Decorations sell very well here.  Costumes from licensed products – like the Avengers – sell well as do kits to make costumes.”

Extensive sales begin tomorrow and run for several days in November.  The address is Running Hill Road,  South Portland, ME.

“Just call me the Spirit of Halloween,” said Allison Carey this morning at the Big Apple on Washington Avenue where she is a long-time employee.  She had done her costume shopping earlier at Spirit of Halloween and did not have trouble finding what she wanted.  (See above left photo of Allison Carey.)