Portland Waterfront Defends Itself from Sandy; “PYS” Works to Save Dock Buffeted by Wind and Waves (Portland Will Have Trash Pickup Tuesday AM!)*


Dock Buffeted by Winds and Waves from Sandy; Later in the Day as Winds Gusted up to 50 mph, on the Waterfront, It Tossed Violently.

By Carol McCracken   (Post # 1,248)

Crews from Portland Yacht Services worked intently for several hours this afternoon to secure a dock from the winds and waves of Sandy – the hurricane that is sweeping up the east coast.  Just after noon today, a piling supporting a 200 ft. dock broke – that happened following high tide and a significant increase in the winds.  Most of the boatyard crew, including Phin Sprague, Jr. yard owner, got a line around the leaning piling and attached it to a front end loader adjusting the line until the correct angle was achieved.  Then the line was tied off to a mooring  block on shore.  Late this afternoon as the winds intensified on the waterfront, the line was holding. But the dock was  taking a turbulent beating from the unprotected eastern exposure at PYS.

Meanwhile, two Ocean Classroom tall ships, the “Spirit of Massachusetts” and the “Amistad” had moved from the PYS docks up to McGowan Marine where there is less exposure from the east at PYS.  The Amistad, a replica of the English slave trading ship, may be towed on Wednesday to have her bottom repaired.  The Spirit of Massachusetts is expected to be hauled out from Gown Marine to have extensive repair work done at New Yard, also on Commercial Street, before returning to the Atlantic Ocean.

Last late last week, boats have been hauled from PYS as well as docks.  It’s part of the annual waterfront ritual.  However, one yacht, a Sabre sloop, did not get hauled as her owners were out of the area.  She was left to ride out Sandy at her mooring.  A man from New Jersey with a boat needing repairs to her bottom, is living aboard her during the storm at PYS.

* There will be the usual trash collection and recycling tomorrow morning.  Residents are asked to place their trash and recycling curbside no EARLIER THAN 6:30 AM, according to a press release from the City of Portland.

editor’s note:  Top Left Photo:  Replica of Amistad Docked at Gowan Marine, Commercial Street; Probably to be Hauled on Wednesday for Bottom Work.