Mayor Mavodones to Launch His Bid for Elected Mayor; Tomorrow 5/31


How Many Mayoral Candidates Can You Find in This Memorial Day Celebration Photo? See below for answer!

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 791)

Mayor Nick Mavadones has just announced that tomorrow, Tuesday, May 31, he will officially launch his candidacy to become Portland’s first elected mayor since 1923.  The announcement will come at 10:30 am at Rosemont Market & Bakery, 580 Brighton Avenue, Portland.  (At the intersection of Brighton Avenue and Colonial Road.)  At this event, he’ll announce his vision for Portland.

Mavadones is currently mayor of the city for his fourth term. He has served as  Operations Manager for Casco Bay Lines for 13 years.  Prior to that, he worked for 17 years as a ferry boat captain.  He has an extensive background in public service to Portland.

Because of a charter change which voters  approved, the mayorial position is now a full-time position with a salary of about $66,000.  Previously, since 1923, the mayor had been picked by the council itself for a one-year term.  Some have complained about the lack of transparency in this process.

Answer to Question Under Photo:  There are three announced candidates for Mayor and one considering running for Mayor.  Councilor Cheryl Leeman, speaking at the lecturn is considering a run; Councilor Jill Duson is a candidate (sitting on bench in red jacket); Mayor Nick Mavodones seated next to Duson has just announced today); and standing in back on right  Councilor David Marshall has announced his candidacy for Mayor.  There are others in the race as well who did not participate in todays Memorial Day events.

For more information, please contact David Loughran 749-9078