Mayor Brennan & Colleagues Ask National Leaders for Reasonable Gun Laws; NOW!


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,247)

Today, Mayor Michael Brennan joined his Mayoral colleagues across the country in calling on President Barack Obama and members of the US Congress to pursue sensible gun laws, according to a press release from the city’s spokesperson, Nicole Clegg.  “He joined Mayors from New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento and dozens of other communities in calling for reasonable changes to gun laws and regulations; including enacting a ban on assault weapons and other high-capacity magazines and the strengthening of the national background check system and penalties for straw purchase of guns,” the press release continued.

“My heart goes out to the community of Newtown.  The burden of grief may seem impossible to bear for the famililes of Sandy Hook and I hope that as we as a nation come together to share in their grief of this unfathomable loss, we are able to lift some small piece of the load off their shoulders,” stated Mayor Brennan.  “I am encouraged by President Obama’s commitment to addressing gun violence and hope that Maine’s Congressional Delegation joins him in this effort.  The simple fact of the matter is that reasonable laws and regulations can make a difference in our effort to reduce gun violence.”

Mayor Brennan’s letter to our national leaders said:  “We urge you to take immediate acton:  the President to exercise his powers through Executive Order and Congress to introduce and pass legislation to make reasonable changes in our gun laws and regulations.”