Markos Miller Runs for Mayor; Formal Announcement 6/18


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 798)

Markos Miller, high school teacher and veteran community leader on the Hill, has just announced via email that he is running  for  Mayor in the upcoming November election.   Miller  has been involved in numerous organizations on the Hill as well as  co-chair of the Franklin Study Group.  His formal announcement comes this Wednesday, June 8th, at 5:15 pm in Lincoln Park, near the corner of Pearl Street and Congress street.

Miller listed as his strengths bringing people together, listening and communicating clearly, thinking critically, negotiating differences, and having the courage and determination to speak for what he believes is right.

He acknowledged that since he obviously is not the front runner, at least yet, he will need  lots of financial and other support from the public.  Please contact him if you can assist in his campaign.