Young Entrepreneurs Participate in First Maine Lemonade Day; Opportunity to Use Many Skills..


Maxim Bailey With His Brother Cedric Behind Him

The Alien Lemonade Stand on North Street

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 797)

Many young entrepreneurs worked weeks to prepare  for todays Lemonade Day sale because they were participating in the first ever Maine Lemonade Day sale.  Home made stands were set up on many streets on  the Hill as well as the Old Port.  The event ran from  noon today until 5 pm  – or whenever the entrepreneurs ran out of lemonade to sell – whichever came first. 
That’s what happened to Jai Morning.  His parents and a friend, Carlos Braceras, helped him set up his Alien Lemonade stand in front of Colucci’s on North Street.  Sales were so brisk that by 1 pm or so, Jai was sold out.    He’d sold 2 1/2 gallons of the sweet drink at $1.00 per  cup.  In fact, he was packing up all of his equipment to go home.  But he did say that he might do it again on his own sometime this summer because he’d had such a good time.
Over on Watervillel Street, Maxim Bailey, 8, had his own successful lemonade business well under way when arrived.  His younger brother, Cedric, 5, was assisting him.    “I enjoy meeting new people and raising money for charity.  The Red Cross is my charity.  It gives money to places having disasters.  Like Australia and Japan, said Maxim.  Mom Sarah said this has been a wonderful experience for both sons.  “Maxim had to put together a business plan, meet customers and investors (mom) and work hard to put it all together,” she said.  “I was a little concerned about the weather, but it turned out beautifully,” she added. 
“Everyone has a job on June 5th, Lemonade Day – you’re either selling or buying lemonade,” said Kate Krukowski Gooding, executive director of Lemonade Day Maine.
Lemonade Day has captured the imagination of kids and communities across the country.  Just over 2,000 youth signed up for the first Lemonads Day in 2007 in Houston, Texas.  In four short years it grew to over 38,000 youth in Houston and last May, nearly 68,000 youth participated  in Lemonade Day in 14 cities. apologizes for the obvious difficulties in posting this story.
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  1. Carol,

    Great story of the youth up on Munjoy Hill. They did a great job with unexpected high sales and kept running out of product, not a bad problem to have Sunday!

    Thank you!


    • Kate, It was a wonderful story to write about. My only regret is that I didn’t do more PR in advance. Keep in touch if yo do any more events like this.
      Carol McCracken

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