Mama’s Crow Bar Avoids 8-day Eviction Set for Today

Dan Hanley, at Mama's Crow Bar This Afternoon.

Thomas Hanley, 25, at Mama’s Crow Bar This Afternoon.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,.244)

“All we ever wanted was an itemized bill,” said Thomas Henley, this afternoon at Mama’s Crow Bar on Congress Street. On Tuesday, March 10, Tricia, mother of Thomas and owner of the popular neighborhood bar, was served with a notice of eviction that was to have been effective today.

Every month a woman representing the newish landlord, Shane Dobson, appeared at the bar, named for all the crows in the area, with the rent bill for the month.  Also included were additional expenses for utilities and more shared with the apartment units above the bar. Henley never received a break-down of expenses and in the last several years, those expenses have increased sharply.  Now that has changed and the popular Munjoy Hill  bar will get what it wants beginning on April 1st.

That also means that the Bar should be able to complete its lease that runs through October 1st with no additional landlord issues. The lease that expires this fall was made with a prior landlord.  Two years ago, Dobson, the newish landlord tried to break the lease so he could start-up an Irish pub. It’s believed that he wanted to start up a pub similar to RiRa’s Bar & Restaurant on Commercial Street.   However, a Judge upheld the Henley lease from her prior landlord.  That ends this fall. Speculation is that Dobson tried again to break the Henley lease in order to get an early jump on the summer season for his pub.

Tricia Henley will pursue her interest in poetry following the closure of Mama’s Crow Bar this fall.