Acting City Manager Will Not Apply for Permanent Position

Acting City Manager Sheila Hill-Christian

Acting City Manager Sheila Hill-Christian

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,243)

Acting City Manager Sheila Hill-Christian has withdrawn her name from consideration as the next City Manager for Portland according to an announcement issued yesterday by her office. Christian was hired in 2013 as a deputy city manager to former City Manager Mark Rees.

“Portland is a wonderful city and I thoroughly enjoy working here.  The position of City Manager is one of tremendous responsibility and commitment.  I am grateful for the opportunity that council has given me to serve.  However, I moved to Portland with the intention of serving as Deputy city Manager and continue to believe that working in that capacity is a better fit with my personal and professional goals,” said Sheila Hill-Christian in her statement.

Christian has been a popular deputy city manager known particularly for her support of the city staff which has been lacking in previous years.

“Sheila is a very capable, very skilled, thoughtful and open-minded leader.  She is an asset to the City of Portland.  I just want to see her end up in the right situation here so that she can thrive and hep our City move forward and prosper,” said City Councilor Jon Hinck in an email.

When former City Manager Mark Rees resigned last September after fulfilling his three year contract with the City, Christian was named Acting City Manager  She was considered by many to be a front-runner for the position of City Manager until yesterday’s announcement.

Christian came to Portland from Richmond, Virginia where she had extensive experience in municipal administration.