MaineCDC Focuses on Congregate Housing Increase of Dreaded Coronavirus


State Department of Health & Human Services Commisioner Jeanne Lambrew Speaks as Dr. Nirav Shah (L) Listens to Her.

This Woman is Wearing a Cloth Face Mask. She was Purchasing Hand Sanitizer at Maine Craft Distillery, Washington Avenue.

Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of MaineCDC, announced today there have been an increase of 65 cases of confirmed coronavirus since yesterday – bringing the total number to 698.  That is the largest single day increase in confirmed cases according to Dr. Shah.  The number of deaths remains at 19.  One hundred twenty-four have been hospitalized in the state.  Currently 61 are hospitalized with 22 in intensive care at this time.  Nine individuals are on ventilators Dr. Shah reported.  Receiving more current information on hospitalizations has been a priority of MaineCDC.

Dr. Shah focused on three recent outbreaks in long-term care facilities in Maine.  The first outbreak he referred to is at the Tall Pines facility in Augusta.  He reported that 23 individuals have been diagnosed with coronavirus.  Nineteen of the cases are residents and four of the confirmed cases are staff members.  Two deaths at that facility have been reported.

The second outbreak of the feared virus has occurred at the Maine Veterans’ Home, Scarborough.  Thirty-two confirmed cases of the virus have been reported there.  Twenty-six residents are among those identified with the virus and six of them are staff members.  One death has been reported at that facility to date.

The third facility reporting an outbreak is at the Augusta Health & Rehab Facility.  It has reported fifty-five cases of the virus.  Forty-one of the cases are residents and fourteen of them are staff.

Dr. Shah said that anyone in one of the three facilities with an outbreak can receive a test if requested.

Details of the relationship between MaineDDC and Portland’s homeless population were vague and lacking. Hmm!

Dr. Shah also announced that because of the storm upon us, power shortages during this pandemic are an extra challenge.  The line crews are requesting that people please refrain from chatting with them and also give them plenty of space – social distancing – so they can do their jobs.