MaineCDC Director Calls for Assistance in Making Vaccine Most Effective


Dr. Nirav Shah, Director, of the MaineCDC, at COVID a Recent Briefing.

Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of the MaineCDC, announced a new total of just over 14,400 cases of COVID-19 at his briefing this afternoon.  That figures includes 405 new cases since yesterday when the increase was 274 new cases of the dreaded virus.  There were seven deaths today which was fewer than the twelve deaths reported yesterday.  One of todays deaths was that of a man somewhere over 100 years old, although Dr. Shah did not know his exact age.

Dr. Shah stated that even after the vaccine arrives in Maine when it does, the effects of the virus will linger for sometime to come.  He urged Mainers to “slow down the train” in order to make the virus as efficient as possible – or before putting the brakes on in the form of the vaccine – when it arrives here.  “The slower that train is going the more efficiently we will be able to stop the train,” Dr. Shah emphasized.  He urged the public to wear face coverings, practice social distancing and other good health practices already being observed.  These good practices will be needed into the future Dr. Shah said.