Otto Pizza Raises Prices to Customers to Pay Hazard Pay


Am Employee of Otto , 225 Congress Street, Portland, Stands in the Doorway This Afternoon.

Otto pizza, has announced that it is increasing its prices for food and beverage to customers by ten (10) percent.  This increase will help to offset Hazard Pay to its employees who are not already earning $18.00 per hour as mandated by the new city ordinance that went into effect over the weekend.

The increased rate of pay will go into effect until the emergency pandemic is over or until the Superior Court rules that the ordinance approved by voters last November 3rd is null, void and illegal. Then the Hazard Pay will also become null and void.

The price of a small pizza that is ordinarily $11.50 will now go up to $12.65 before taxes according to an employee of Otto’s.

“We want to support our employees during this difficult time,” said a spokesperson for Otto pizza.  “We don’t want to learn it is a legal ordinance from the court and then have to make up the difference.” The store has two other venues in Portland.

The legality of the Hazard Pay ordinance voted by Portland voters is currently being tested in Superior Court by a lawsuit brought on by the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce and five other plaintiffs:  Slab, Nosh, Gritty McDuffs, Play it Again Sam and the Alliance for Addiction and Mental Health Services in Maine on December 1, 2020.

For more information, please go to post herein dated December 1, 2020 on the subject.