Maine Hardware Open as Long as Possible Today Says Manager Currier


Tim Currier, manager of Maine Hwardware With Generators Currently in Stock.  (Photo Taken on December 22, 2023.)

Maine Hardware is a Go To Place for Snow Removal Equipent in Portland.

“We just got in a truckload of generators,” said Tim Currier, manager of Maine Hardware, 274 St. John Street, Portand, just before 9:00 am this morning.

“We will stay open as long as people in the community need us,” he added.  But Currier was careful to add that the safety of his “crew” was of paramount importance to him.  The most popular generator is the 8,000 watt generator.

We have people coming in from other towns right now looking for generators,” he said.  “We have been swamped with telephone calls from people inquiring about their availability.”  He noted that he just heard a report that 200,000 people as of right now are without power.  As the day progressed that number increased significantly.

“It’s been realy busy since last weekend because people are still trying to get over the last storm,” he said before excusing himself to wait on customers lined up in front of him.

The phone number there is:  207 773-5604.

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