Lewiston Mayor Responds to Portland’s Pledge to Continue to Assist Undocumented Immigrants


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,145)

Mayor Robert E. Macdonald states that last Saturday, June 28th, a group of political leaders and church and immigrant rights groups gathered in Deering Oaks Park, Portland to protest Governor Paul LePage’s decision to cut General Assistance to asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants according to a press release issued by Lewiston yesterday.

Macdonald notes: “The Governor’s actions were labeled ‘morally indefensible’ and “unconscionable’ by church leaders” and in response, the Mayor directs the following question to those church leaders:  “Is morally indefensible and unconscionable to increase the burden on Lewiston already overburdened taxpayers?  He continued, “IF the affluent communities of Portland, South Portland and Westbrook elect to continue to help the illegal population, that is their choice.  In Lewiston, we choose not to spend our sparse and dwindling tax revenues aiding law breakers.”  Macdonald adds,  “It’s time for the Tearful Toms and Weeping Nellies of these concerned groups who talk the talk to start walking the walk.  Instead of trying to thrust the financial burden associated with caring for these illegal aliens on the backs of cities and towns, it’s time for their church groups to practice their Christian beliefs and care for our illegal population.

Additionally, any city or town that may feel morally compelled to help these illegal individuals may contact Lewiston City Hall at 513-3000 (TTY/TDD 513-3007).  We will gladly arrange for a family of families for them to sponsor.