Letters of Hope to Ukrainian Students Suited for Texas Students as Well


Flags Flying from Munjoy Hill in Support of Ukraine

Last week thirty (30) Letters of Hope were delivered to students in Ukraine on a Partners for World Health (PWH) plane flight.  Many of those wrtiers of those letters are sixth-grade English students of Margot Owen at Lincoln Middle School, in Portland according to a press releae issued by the Portland Public Schools office on Cumberland Avenue.

These Letters of Hope were transported via Partners for World Health (PWH), a Portland-based nonprofit that provides critically needed medical supplies and equipment to hospital partners throughout the world, including Ukrane.  PWH is a partner in the Operation Hope campaign.

Based on the horrific news coming from Texas during the last 24 hours, mhn.com suggests that this Letter of Hope campaign be expanded to include students in Uvalda, Texas.  The nation has watched and read of the horrors of an eighteen year old who entered Robb Elementary School shooting any student or teacher in his way.  The number of murdered students and teachers killed by this teenager increases tragically with every press conference from this town.

“This while Republicans like Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and Independents like Angus King (I-ME) refuse to take steps to curb gun violence in the US.  That while Sen. Ted Cruz, (R-TX) promotes his pro-gun violence stance on behalf of the NRA.  The US Senate led by Mitch McConnell(R) has been steadfast in its refusal to support  Legislation that would go miles in protecting the youth of this nation.

For years now, US public schools have become war zones of their own because of the refusal of national Republican “leaders” to represent the interests of their constituents, especially defenseless childen.  Some Americans are still processing the devastating news from Texas yesterday as well as the disregard of Republican Senators for the lives of young Americans.  Legislation to protect Americans from mass shootings have been blocked in the US Senate far too long according to the opinion of munjoyhillnews.com.

King Middle School Teacher Owen said that some of the messages to Ukranian students include:  “I’m sorry things are hard right now.  Know that we are thinking of you.”  And: “Stay safe and take care of yourself.”

Good messages for students at Robb Elementary School in the war zone called Uvalde, students across this nation and in Ukraine.