Jennings Falsely Blames Strimling for Staff’s Failure to Place Portland Expo Residents


An Angry Spencer Thibodeau Lashes out at Mayor Strimling Tonight; He is Also Running Against the Mayor ‘s  for his Seat This Fall.   Thibodeau is Known to be Politically Ambitiously and Doesn’t Want to Lose This Election. Surprise,  surprise!

Papy Kashama ‘Bongibo Following Tonight’s Special Meeting Putting Strimling for Crimes He Didn’t Commit.

Pit Bull Belinda Ray, Called for a Censure Against Mayor Strimling That Caused Laughter.

New Assistant City Manager, Heather Brown, Testified as to How Hard Every One is Working to Place Asylum Seekers – No One Said it Would be Easy!

The political rift between the lemmings on the city council, organized by Leming-in-Chief Jon Jennings, erupted once again tonight when lemming no. 1, Belinda Ray, announced the real reason for the unusually highly publicized meeting earlier this evening.   (We want all press here to witness and report the attack on the Mayor was the message by city hall).There has been little transparency by the city on the Portland Expo residents, but this meeting was different.   Here’s why:

At 7:15 pm. when the meeting began at 5:45 pm., lemming no. 1 Ray said that a member of this body is spreading misinformation and she said it was Mayor Ethan Strimling.  Ray said  the issue can’t be ignored and asked for a vote of “censure” against the Mayor.  There was laughter at her pompous and inappropriate idea. Lemming 2, Thibodeau, who is reputed to be politically ambitious and in a hurry there does not want to lose his first run to be Mayor of Portland on his way up the political staircase.  Sometimes his political ambition gets in the way of attending to constituent issues.

He likewise lashed out at Mayor Strimling  resembling Senator Kamala Harris’ outburst at VP Joe Biden in a recent national tv debate.  But it fell flat,  That’s because the Mayor rebuffed him soundly winning the point easily.  The Mayor’s words were based on truth and leming 2 on political ambition – it shows. Thibodeau was shut down for the duration of the meeting. Thibodeau is a real estate attorney for PierceAtwood, not a litigation attorney.

As if on trial, Attorney Jennings, called his witnesses (also his employees)  to the witness stand to testify  about the difficulties in placing asylum seekers in units outside the city of Portland.  “It’s a blanket no,” said Aaron Geye, Social Services Director, when asylum seekers are told they are moving to the outskirts of Portland.  Geye said it’s because housing in Portland is too expensive, although Jennings admitted that only two Portland landlords/developers have offered to make units available to asylum seekers.  They are:  Tom Watson and Kevin Bunker. For various reasons, they could not be used.

Munjoy Hill developers such as Tom Landry, Crandall  Toothaker and Jonathan Culley don’t subscribe to giving back to their community from which they have made more money that could count in an emergency.  And certainly Jennings was not going to pressure them.  They need to protect their own form of segregation within their city developments.

In the past, councilor Justin Costa has tried unsuccessfully to discredit the Mayor in meetings this blogger has attended, but he was ineffective.

While not naming the Mayor, Jennings made a preposterous charge that there has been a definite effort to “undermine” the work of the city staff in placing asylum seekers.  While he did not name the Mayor, it was clear that was who he meant.  Following the meeting, neither Batson, nor the two Lemmings would say whether they agreed with Jennings’ preposterous charge.  Are they on Jennings’ payroll as well?

“There was misinformation given to the families who moved to ‘Brunswick about two weeks ago from the Portland Expo.  These six families were not told by city staff where they were going.  When they arrived in Brunswick they thought they were still in Portland.  They were crying and really upset when they realized they were not,” said Papy Kashama Bongibo, President of the Community Congolese of Maine, “COCOMAINE.”  Cultural sensitivity may not be part of the vocabulary of the city staff.

According to Papy that news spread like wildfire through out the Portland Expo and that is why no one will move from the Expo in what was described as a “blanket no” by city staff.  Fear of what might happen to them next in their harrowing journey to safety is real.  Papy said he told Chief Lemming Jennings and others at city hall this explanation for the “blanket no” reported by staff. Papy doesn’t understand why it did not come up at tonight’s meeting.  It had nothing to do with the Mayor he said.  Papy who came from the Congo in 2010 was in law school there. (See above right photo of Papy).

POLITICS in Portland have for years had a bad  and nasty reputation.  Should this be any different?  It’s pathetic that city councilors are using asylum seekers as pawns in a political rift.

Please see post herein dated July 17, 2019 for more background information on the failure of Portland developers to step up in this city emergency.

Note:  The above ‘witch-hunt’ is why avoids attending city council meetings at all costs.  The grandstanding is offensive  and are simply seen as opportunities for the Jennings Lemnings to go after Mayor Strimling.  Lemmings:  The long meetings are boring not to mention misleading about the facts..