Infighting in Local Election Works in Brunelle’s Favor Say Voters


James P. Cooper Said This Controversy Helps Joey Brunelle.

Patricia Grassi With Her Rescued Dog, Who is Blind.

Victorianna Myers to Vote for Joey Brunelle.

The fallout from the internal fighting between two candidates for the at-large city council seat has placed one of the two candidates in a better position say Portland voters surveyed today by his blogger.  In recent days, the feud between Joel Brunelle and Bree LaCasse in their run to unseat incumbent Councilor Jill Duson has escalated so it has become a topic of conversation among voters in Portland.

The at-large race is on the upcoming November 7th ballot along with referendum issues as well.

As previously reported herein the current controversy began when Steven Biel, co-founder of Progressive Portland, approached Joey Brunelle about funding his campaign for city council this fall.   Brunelle turned down his offer. A very ugly argument broke out between the two in which Biel said he would recruit a candidate to run against Brunelle.  Biel recruited Bree Lacasse, who works for a real estate developer.  Biel’s use of compiled emails to be used for fundraising has become a controversial strategy utilized by Biel.  It became so controversial that earlier this month Biel was forced to resign, perhaps temporarily, from Progressive Portland.  His wife Emily Figdor was recently voted off the Democratic City Committee by a large majority because of her misuse of that position.

Whether or not Biel’s offer of funding political campaigns for candidates is dependent upon their supporting Biel’s positions on issues is unclear.   Biel has not responded to an email from this blogger asking this question of him.

“I like Joey.  It’s unfortunate that the Democratic party is so disheveled. I think Joey is in a pretty good position right now.  He’s also the only person whose campaign I know anything about,” said James P. Cooper this afternoon in downtown Portland.  “I’m voting for Joey because he wants to do a lot for the homeless.  I think this scandal is unfortunate, but it works in Joey’s favor,” said Victorianna Myers, a restaurant worker  in downtown Portland.  “I’m voting for Joey because he will look out for Portland residents. Developers are taking over my hometown and crowding us out.  We have no say because we are poor people,” said Patricia Grassi who lives on Munjoy Hill. with her blind rescued dog, Lollipop!  (See top right photo.)

“With Trump at the helm, the last thing we need is infighting here in Portland or anywhere,” said Bill Yates, a Portland resident, and Democrat.  “Chaos has become the norm.”

The subject is sure to come up at the candidates’ forum set for Wednesday, October 25th at Reiche School.  Please see previous post for more information on the Forum. also dated October 23rd.