HP Board Gives OK for Some Reconstruction to Start at 58 Fore Street


The Development Team for 58 Fore Street at City Hall . David Senus, Project Manager is at Far Left.  Henry Moss, of Bruner/Cott Architects, is Second from the Right. (Wearing a Hat).

The Historic Preservation Board gave unanimous approval earlier this week for the reconstruction of Building 12 to begin.  The reconstruction of the building, closer to the waterfront,  could begin in April, and it will be the first building to be occupied on the site of the former 58 Fore Street, now known as Portland Foreside.

EVO, a Commercial Street restaurant, will occupy the first floor of the building and that is expected to happen in January of 2021 according to David Senus, Project Manager.

Final plans for the Grand Stairs and a section of Building 1A that falls within the Historic District were also approved by the HP Board.

Building 12, the pattern storehouse for the Portland Company Complex, was built in 1895.  The design and production of wood patterns that were used for casting iron and steel in sand molds were central to the functioning of the Portland Company and represented a large capital investment to the Company.  The patterns were often reused over long periods of time so storage and preservation were very important.  The pattern storehouse was located separate from the other buildings and built of brick to try and avoid damage in the case of fire in other areas of the complex according to Kevin Costello, managing partner of Portland Foreside Development Co.

Building 12 bricks were disassembled brick by brick.  They were then stored in another building where they were first sorted for condition and future use by Consigil employees.

The only Munjoy Hill NIMBY to attend the public hearing was Barbara Vestal, Esq.  Principals Kevin Costello and Casey Prentice did not attend.

The almost ten acres of land most recently a boat yard owned by the wealthy Phineas Sprague, Jr.  – Portland Yacht Services.  For many years prior to that it was the industrial center of Portland.