“How Do I Look,” Current Show at MOSS Galleries on Munjoy Hill


“On the Ball” by Tessa Greene O’Brien, A Woman Reclining on a Ball Mid Way in a Workout . It’s the Largest and Most Expensive Painting in the Show at $11,000.

“How Do I Look” is the current art show at MOSS Galleries on Munjoy Hill.  Curated by Lauren Donovan, she deserves bouquets of roses for such a thoughtful and original show:  “This is a show about how women look.”

There is a message here for everyone. But it’s up to the show visitor to discover what that is for herself. Offering some guidance to get you started is a curator Donovan statement in part:   “In many circumstances in contemporary media culture a woman’s appearance – and more specifically her body – still speaks louder than her voice.  From an early age, women are asked to consider how we look….Through humor, candor and a sharp intelligence, these paintings celebrate the beauty and pleasure and joy of existing within a woman’s body while challenging the society that tries to control it.”  Give you any ideas?

“On the Ball” one of the favorites of this blogger at the MOSS show, was painted by Tessa Green O’Brien a Maine-based artist and curator.  In her milssion statement, O’Brien says that she is both the painter and the person being painted, that excludes the “gaze” of the viewer.  However, when the painting is finished, the “viewer becomes a participant, but it is a static, one-sided act of looking………..I can build a world in which the nude female body is safe, powerful, playful and consenting.” O’Brien said in her milssion statement.  She has shown throughout the US including in New York City.

One of the best parts of this show is that there are numerous  well-established and talented painters displaying in it.  Each of them with a different perspective that women can relate to – some more than others.

Incidentally, the MOSS Galleries,100 Fore Street,  on Munjoy HIll. opened two years ago this month with a special showing of the late prominent, Monhegan Island artist Lynne M. Drexler.

A graduate of Maine College of Art (MECA) Donovan is an occasional painting teacher there.  She is a semior staff member at MOSS Galleries, Falmouth.

This show – How Do I Look – runs until November 24, 2023.  The show opened on Friday, September 29, with a welll-attended opening reception that afternoon.  The 100 Fore Street Moss Galleries is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.