“HP” Calls for Changes to Maintain “Integrity” of Historic Building at Portland Foreside


Henry Moss, of Bruner/Cott Architects, Cambridge, MA. Today

Consiglio Employees Sorting and Cleaning Bricks from Dismantled Building 12 Earlier This Summer.

Kevin Costello, Managing Partner of Portland Foreside Development, at Meeting Today.

A Rendering of Building 12 With a Dormer on Top that Some HP Board Members Objected to Because of Size.  Some other appurtenances were Objected to as Well. (The Mark on the Side of the Building is a Camera Blemish – Not on the Building).

Architect Henry Moss, a principal of Bruner/Cott Architects of Cambridge, Massachusetts,  presented the Portland Foreside’s preliminary design proposal for the reconstruction of the historic building 12 on the east end’s waterfront. to the Historic Preservation Board.

Building 12, the pattern storehouse for the defunct Portland Company, was one half of a Siamese Twin relationship with Building 11.  One Twin, 11, didn’t survive the recent demolition, but building 12 did survive.  The building was dismantled earlier this summer.  Each brick was washed and stored in a building until it is needed to start reconstructing it in a different location on site. A team of developers is working to ensure that building 12 can stand alone – on its own – without sharing the same wall it originally did with building 11 before it was demolished this summer.  The two buildings used to share a wall that was built for economy reasons.

Before the workshop began at 5:00 pm today, the “Portland Press Herald” in an unusual first page spread, had already spilled Deb Andrews’ agenda for the meeting.  Although she did not personally make a presentation, the HP Board lemmings did during the 2 l/2 hour meeting.  Although most of the Board members’ voices were, as usual inaudible, Board members had their marching orders and appeared to follow them. It seemed that none of the inaudibles called for changes of use for the historic building as stated in the newspaper today. The first floor is intended to be a restaurant and the second floor residences.  If the  article was intended to intimidate, it failed to do so.

“I was trying to be sure we didn’t lose all references to the rough industrial past at the site,”  said Mr. Moss following the workshop. Deb Andrews requested another workshop  before a public hearing and vote is taken and that is what will happen.

Barbara Vestal, a NMBY from Munjoy Hill, attended the workshop, but made no comment during the public comment segment.