Hannaford Brothers, Forest Avenue, to Offer COVID-19 Vaccinations “Shortly”


The Pharmacy at Hannaford Brothers, Forest Avenue, to Offer COVID-19 Vaccine “Shortly”

Sign on the Front Door of 295 Forest Avenue, Hannaford Brothers Co.

Spencer Canham Said Today that CVS is Trying to Ramp up its Immunization Personnel to Expedite the Vaccination Process.

Hannaford Brothers, 295 Forest Avenue, will be offering the COVID-19 vaccine to the public sometime in the near future according to a store pharmacist today.

He said that store employees will be vaccinated first. When that has been completed, the pharmacy will offer COVID-19 vaccinations to the public.  Depending on supplies available from Operations Warp Speed, that could come in March or April. According to several employees who attended a “huddle” recently run by store manager Tim Perry, the employees were told vaccinations would be available “shortly.”

At his COVID-19 briefings, Dr.  Nirav Shah, Director of the MaineCDC has stated that he has concerns about the administration of the vaccine so far by CVS and Walgreens.  Dr. Shah is looking for other venues where that might occur when there is an ample supply of the vaccine from the Feds Operation Warp Speed.  Part of the slowness of the vaccination program in Maine may be due to a lack of qualified personnel to administer the vaccine.

Spencer Canham, is a part-time employee at CVS and a  pharmacy student enrolled in the University of New England degree program.  Canham told mhn.com today that CVS is trying to ramp up its immunization personnel in order to more effectively meet the needs of the public.  He said that last month CVS began an in-house program to train employees on how to immunization people.  That training program may be expanded to the public at a later time.

Mhn.com has not been successful so far in reaching Hannaford Brothers Co. corporate headquarters in Scarborough to confirm the above information and add tails to this news.