Governor Mills Honors Martin Luther King, Jr.


An Engrossing New Book Published for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, by Stephen Kendrick and Paul Kendrick.  $ 28.00. Plus Tax.

“Today, our nation grapples with the challenges of inequity and injustice, with challenges that are deepened by the deadly pandemic that rages on all around us.  We know that progress in turning the tide on these issues is not inevitable.  Instead, it is won on school steps and street corners, on bridges and buses, in legislatures and courts.

It is advanced by those like Martin Luther King, Jr., whose courage and conviction reminds us that equality and opportunity for all is the moral heartbeat – the imperative – of our nation.  As we pay tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., let us recommit ourselves to realizing them so that the promise of the American dream may become a reality for all people,” according to a press release issued today by the office of Governor Janet Mills.

“NINE DAYS The Race to Save Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Life and Win the 1960 Election,” by Stephen Kendrick and Paul Kendrick is an engrossing and often riveting account of a last minute effort to release King from prison in Georgia according to a review in “The New York Times Book Review,” dated January 17, 2021.  King’s release from prison was influential in the victory of John F. Kennedy Presidential election because of a surge in votes from the Black community. It was believed that King’s imprisonment in a maximum security prison in a rural part of Georgia could lead to his death. Members of the Klu Klux Klan populated the area.  Just released, local bookstores are now selling it – including Sherman’s on Exchange Street and the Gulf of Maine Books, Brunswick. The cost is $28. plus tax and the publisher is Farrar, Straus and Giroux.