Governor Mills Proposes Funding to Keep Maine Veteran’s Homes Open


Governor Janet T. Mills (D) at an Indoor Event in Portland Last Year.

Governor Janet T. Mills (D), announced today that she will dedicate $3.5 milion in her forth-coming change package to keep the Maine Veteran’s Homes in Caribou and Machias open.  The Governor will propose $1.75 million in General Fund money, which will leverage $1.75 million in additional Federal funding for a total of $3.5 million.

“The brave Mainers who have served our state and country in the armed forces didn’t back down and they certainly didn’t give up when our rights, our freedoms and our way of life were under fire.  Now that the Maine Veteran’s Homes in Caribou and Machias are under threat, we must show the same courage, committment and resolve to protect their way of life – getting the long-term care they need in a first-rate facility, in their communiy and near the people they love,” said Senate President Troy Jackson (D-Allagash). “The closure of any veteran’s home should only be the option of last resort……..I’m grateful to Senator Hickman for his work to pass the bill in committee and Governor Janet Mlls for an unwaivering committment to fund the proposals in her supplemental budget.  Together, we can keep the MVH in Caribou and Machias open and caring for residents.”

“Our promise to our veterans is that we will stand by them, just as they stood by us in their service to our state and our nation – and these homes are a small step tdowards fulfilling that promise,” said Governor Mills in the press release issued by her office today. “The veterans who live in these homes, along with their families and the staff, all deserve for them to stay open.  I applaud Senate President Jackson for his legislation and I am putting $3.5 million behind his bill to keep these homes open while MVH works with the state to pursue options in the long-term.”

The Maine Veterans Homes were established by the Maine Legislature in 1977 as a state chartered nonprofit to provide long-term care to veteran and eligible spouses.  The Maine Veterans Homes now operate six facilities throughout the state.  They are located in Augusta, Caribou, Bangor, Machias, Scarborough and South Paris.