School Superintendent Presents Proposed Budget to Board Today


Portland School Superintendent Xavier Botano presented his $132.9 million proposal for the 2022-2023 school year to the Portland Board of Public Education today.

It is up $6.5 million over this year’s budget of $126.5 million and calls for a 4.1 percent increase in the school portion of the tax rate, reflecting a 5.1 percent increase in expenditures. The increase includes few new investments and maintains current programs and services and covers included costs for salaries, benefits and debt service.

The School Board referred the proposal to the Finance Committee which will have a first review of the budget on Thursday, March 17th and hold a public hearing on the budget on Monday, March 21.  On April 5, the full Board will vote to recommend a budget to the City Council.  The Council is slated to vote on the school budget on May 16 to send it to voters in June.