“Governor Mills Fights Problems, Not People” Say Former Republican Lawmakers Who Support Her Reelection


A Lawn Sign on North Street on Munjoy Hill Supporting the Reelection of Governor Janet T. Mills (D) in the Upcoming November 8th Election over Paul LePage (R).

Governor Janet T. Mills Addressing the NationLGovernors Association Summer Meeting in Mid-  GovernoJuly in Portland.  During his Administration, LePage Withdrew Membership in the NGA Saying it Didn’t Benefit Him.  However, it has Benefited the People of Maine Since Governor Mills Rejoined it. The Group Meets Twice a Year – Once on the Winter and Once in the Summer. Governors From Florida and Texas did not Attend the Maine  Summer Meeting.

“As we experienced firsthand, LePage’s divisiveness, his animosity towards people and his my-way-or-the highway style of government created chaos and contributed to dysfunction and gridlock that cost Maine people vital progress on issues ranging from health care, to education, to ecoomic growth,” wrote three former State Senators in an op-ed in the “BANGOR DAILY NEWS,” yesterday, October 14, 2022.  “His tantrums, distractions and fighting – it’s just bad behavior that costs Maine,” wrote former State Senators Roger Katz, Joyce Maker, and Chris Rector.  The three voted for Paul LePage before, “but we won’t again.”

This op-ed continued:  “Over the past four years, Mills has focused on turning the temperature down in Augusta and on bringing Republicans, Democrats and Independents together to find consensus and to solve problems,  Look, we don’t agree with Mills on everything, but we know that she’s reasonable, that she’s level-headed and that, most importantly, she wants to fight problems – not people.  That’s the type of governor that Maine deserves.”

Governor Mills has received support from across the political spectrum.  Independent US Senator Angus KIng has endodrsed Governor Mills for reelection, citing her work to reach across the aisle and solve problems.

Governor Mills has made problem-solving and governing by consensus a priority during her time in office.  In fact, Maine’s $850. inflation relief check was originally proposed by Republicans and embraced by Governor Mills, who then worked to bring both sides together to pass the measure.  That is now one of the country’s strongest responses to help people deal with high costs.  Despite its being a Republican idea, Paul LePage opposed it.