Gay Pride Day Attendance Far Exceeds Expected Attendance Say Organizers


Many Hundreds Attended Performances at the Main Stage, Directed by Bri Lane, at Deering Oaks Festival This Afternoon. Lane Booked Nine Musical Performances for the Main Stage at Deering Oaks Park Today She Told This Blogger.

Hannaford Brothers Had a Float in the Gay Pride Parade Beginning at Monument Square at 1:oo pm Today.

Woodfords Congregational Church Played a Prominant Role in The Gay Pride Parade This Year.

“Far more people than were expected attended these activities,” said Bri Lane, the Talent Booker for Main Stage, at the Gay Pride Festival at Deering Oaks Park this afternoon.

Lane, a musician, with a band performing at the Main Stage continued:  “I think that many people think its important to be present for the LGBTQ+ community because of what is going on in other parts of the country.  Maine is a progressive community and I’m sure that the polarization in other parts of the country has motivated people to show up today,” she elaborated.

Lane’s comment came just moments before her band was due on stage to entertain the many hundreds who sat on the lawn in front of the Main Stage loving every minute of the concert already in progress by singer Adriene Mack-Davis.  The roar of apporoval from the Main Stage audience could be heard clearly several blocks away on Forest Avenue in front of the US Post Office where this blogger’s car was parked.

The Festival at the Park was the culmination of an unusually well-attended Gay Pride Parade that started on time at 1:00 pm at Monument Square in downtown Portland.  Ninety (90) groups participated in the Parade this year.  It was at least 50% larger than two years ago, said Evie Wynters, a team leader for Portland Pride.  At least 10 of those ninety participats were from regligious affiliated groups.

Missing and leaving a large hole in the annual Parade was the colorful River of Pride flag that was always the centerpiece of the Parade.  “It’s privately owned and the owners did not contact us about participating again,” said Evie.  Evie confirmed that this crowd attending the Parade was far larger than the orgaizers aniticipated. Although refusing to get too involved in politics, Evie did say that he hoped Paul LePage doesn’t get elected to Governor of Maine again.

Three gentlemen came to Portland to watch the parade in order to celebrate and support the Gay Pride Parade.  Ron Turner from the Augusta area said:  “It was a great parade.  Well carried out and we wanted to support it.”  With Ron were Jerry Morrell and Al Longstaff.