LePage Issues Statement on His Behavior; “Not Enough” Says Rep. Battle !

An Image of the Maine Governor That Appeared on Meet the Press, NBC. This Morning.

An Image of the Maine Governor That Appeared on Meet the Press, NBC. This Morning.

South Portland State Representative Kevin J. Battle Late This Afternoon on the Portland Waterfront.

St. Rep. Kevin J Battale, (R),  Does Not Think That Apologies  from LePage are “Enough.”

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,707)

Governor Paul LePage has issued a statement concerning his recent vulgar behavior and comments that brought the State of Maine unwanted publicity in the national media:  Just today “The New York Times” ran an article on the mixed messages that Gasbag Lepage has been sending. That follows extensive television pr during the last week

The Governor has released a statement in which he says:

“he will take several actions in light of recent controversial comments from both himself and Rep. Gatttine” according to the press release.

“To the Maine people, I am asking for forgiveness.  Comments I have expressed recently are unacceptable and I apologize sincerely for using such disrespectful language as your Governor,”  wrote Governor LePage in the press release.  “Also, I would like to express an apology to the Gattine family.  I understand how hurtful statements affect a family and regret that my words have upset your lives.  For this I’m truly sorry.”

“If that is the only action he is going to take, I do not think it is enough,” emailed State Rep. Kevin Battle, referring to the above statement.  Battle says that there is “more in the works.” and he hopes they will be announced soon.  He said in an email to mhn.com that many Republicans are not happy with his behavior.   He is a freshman Republican from District 33 in South Portland.

Will this be enough for the Democrats?

mhn.com notes in the introduction he refers to “controversial comments” from “both” himself and State Rep. Gattine.   He does not acknowledge that Rep.  Gattine’s comments were not controversial and that only his comments were. Furthermore,  there was no apology to the Rep. himself in this statement.