Free Ewaste Recycling Drive; 9/ll


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By Carol McCracken (Post # 574)

For the hard to dispose of old electronic equipment, there is relief on the way! On Saturday, September 11 there is a disposal/recycling drive for such equipment. Just bring them to the Portland Exposition Building, 239 Park Avenue, Portland between 9 am – 1 pm on Saturday. There is no charge to dispose of items. The drive is sponsored by the Maine Red Claws.

Examples of items that will be collecting during the drive include: household elecdtronics, computers and peripherals, batteries, cell phones, game consoles, etc. Items that cannot be accepted include: appliances and white goods (ovens, washer/dryers, etc.) freon bearing items, fluorsecent bulbs, and mercury bearing items.

“It seems like technology changes constantly and I am sure we all have old cell phones, VCRS and outdated computers that can be difficult and expensive to dispose of and end up piling up at home,” said Maine Red Claws president and general manager, Jon Jennings. Proceeds will benefit charity.