Four Men Arrested for Engaging a Prostitute Yesterday


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,462)

Portland Police arrested four men last night as part of continuing efforts to combat prostitution in the City’s Parkside neighborhood.  The men were each arrested after offering an undercover police officer money for sex.  The Parkside Neighborhood Association has asked police for stepped up enforcement due to the negative impact of prostitution in their community.  They have said that women who live in the neighborhood are followed and propositioned by men seeking sex.  The problem has resulted in a negative impact on the quality of life and increased fear through this densely populated and diverse community, according to a press release issued by the city.

Three of the arrests occured within a two block radius on Weymouth Street and within a twenty minute time span.  Robert S. Flagg, 61 year old of Westbrook was arrested at Grant and Weymouth Streets at 11 pm.  Ten minutes later 29 year old Jose Otilio Menjiva of Portland was arrested at Park Avenue and Weymouth Sreet.  Rumen Shopov, 55 years old of Portland was arrested at Congress and Weymouth Streets at 11:20 pm.  The final arrest occurred on Deering Place when 32 year old Christopher C. Pierce of Naples was taken into custody at 12:25 am.  All the men are charged with engaging a prostitute.

Police hope on going efforts like this will deter others from engaging prostitutes and diminishing the quality of life for residents.