Food Trucks in Portland’s Future? ArtSpace Visit Plans Revealed for End of September at Creative Portland Meeting


Helen Andreoli & Andre Polhir Want to Start a Food Truck Business in Portland Where It's Currently Not Allowed

By Carol McCracken (Post # 875)

Helen Andreoli and Andre Polhir want to start a food truck business and currently the City does not permit them in Portland. They came to the Creative Portland monthly meeting this afternoon to get its support and see how they should proceed in order to realize this goal.

The same matter came up before the Health & Recreation Committee several years ago, but never emerged from the committee. Two who were against the implementation were Jan Beitzer, Portland’s Downtown District, and, Doug Fuss, owner of Bull Feeney’s Pub. Ron Gan, real estate developer turned food vender supported the idea.

Cape Elizabeth and the Town of Brunswick both allow food trucks within their boundaries.

Following a discussion, Creative Portland voted to draw up a policy and guidelines for its October meeting on food trucks in Portland – to be passed on to the Health & Recreation Committee at the proper time.

On other matter, Creative Portland announced that it has hired ArtSpace, Minneapolis, MN. to conduct a two-day Preliminary Feasibility Assessment study on Thursday, September 29th and Friday, September 30 here in Portland. Many of the sessions on both days are for “invited guests” only and not open to the public. One exception to this is a public meeting on Thursday, September 29 at 6 pm at the Rines Auditorium of the Portland Public Library. It’s a presentation to inform attendees about the work of ArtSpace in general.

The need for this study was discussed at Creative Portland’s August meeting in which attorney Thomas B. Federle, representing philanthropist Donald Sussman, announced Sussman’s intention to restore about 7 properites he owns on Hampshire Street at the bottom of the Hill. The plan calls for the conversion of these properties into live-in artists studios in buildings that are vacant or in disrepair.

The funds to pay for the work of ArtSpace comes from private sources. A report from ArtSpace will be issued following the two days of meetings.

For more background on the latter subject, please see Post # 850, dated August 4th herein. Please contact Jennifer Hutchins, executive director, at Creative Portland Corporation for more information.

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